One with a Dream The other with Ambition
Mosconi Clothing was created in 2017 owned and operated by Tanyall and Jazmin Law from Trenton, NJ.

Mosconi Clothing, LLC is an apparel brand whose focus is providing high-quality, stylish clothing that is tailored to fit both men and women.
From the beginning, the two were driven through hard work, dedication and consistency. Jazmin personally heat-pressing and Tanyall selling clothing from the trunk of her car. “Whatever it takes” Invested not only money, but time into constantly improving the brand by working hand to hand with manufactures, creating business relationships and giving back to the community.
Relocating to Atlanta in 2019 was “the best thing that ever happened to us”. Since then, the brand has been supported by celebrities such as Young MA, Lil’ Scrappy, and YFN Lucci.
All of our pieces, our fabrics, our designs are subtle but unique at the same time. We represent a symbol of excellence, elegance and boldness.

Origin From mosca “fly"

History: Italian Surname